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Price Guide

All of the cakes I make are bespoke to the client's needs so to put a price on any type of cake is very difficult. 

Below you will find a price guide to help you.   

Please contact me with your requirements and I will provide you with a no obligation quote tailored to your needs including a sketch  and a detailed costing.

Celebration Cakes

I can provide all different types of celebration cakes from a single tiered simple cake to complex  carved cakes and cakes with structural elements prices start at 

£45 for a 6" cake

Please contact me for further details 

Wedding Cakes

Let me design your wedding cake for your special day.  It can be tailored to your specific needs whether  you want fruit cake, sponge cake or a mixture of both.

3 tiered wedding cakes start at


Please contact me for further details


Whether for a special treat or part of your celebration let me design a cupcake to suit your needs. Cupcakes can be topped with Buttercream, Ganache or Fondant and come in many different flavours

Prices start at £2.50 each.

Please contact me for further details

Pizza Cake

Perfect for a small gathering and more than a cupcake.  A pizza cake consists of 8 individual slices of cake each decorated with buttercream topped off with a matching cupcake in the middle.  Please see the gallery for images.  Prices start at £40 additional toppers can be added at an extra cost

Tray Bakes

Perfect for a small gathering.  A tray bake can feed up to 15 with 1.5" square portions.  These are usually sponge with buttercream,  prices start at £25.  Toppings of sweets, chocolates or biscuits can be added  at an additional cost.  Other options available are brownies and blondies.

 Please contact me for further details.

What our customers are saying

I knew it would be good but it's beyond my expectations

Stephen Bridle

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